As a nail technician, Kelsey creates an enhancement of the natural nail — with a gel product or an acrylic product. She is able to add strength to the natural nail and can also extend the length of that nail. (Many people might not realize that there is a science to creating an enhancement. Where the support is on the nail, how the nail fits to the client’s hand and how well the nail is seamlessly finished to hinder nail biting are all aspects that are important in creating beautiful and strong nails over a period of time.)

As a nail artist, Kelsey views the process of nail enhancement as a creative process.  Color, glitter, rhinestones, hand drawing, and shaping of the finished nail, all contribute to the creation of a unique style. With formal training and drawing ability, Kelsey creates great art with each nail she does. All of her “full sets” come with 100% original hand-painted nail art!! You’ll never find another set the same!

You can choose between oval, round, square, or stiletto (pointed) nails!

Full Set with Gel Polish – $70
Fill-in – $55
Gel Polish Mani – $35

Tooth and Nail

By Appointment Only!


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